In the world of Eberron, long, long ago, demons walked the earth. Their evil turned it into a blasted wasteland, and they ruled the lesser races with an iron fist, grinding them into the dust to suit their own twisted desires. But they were defeated by an alliance of dragons and coautl, and they were imprisoned in Khyber, there to sleep until time itself ends.

This state held for a hundred thousand years, despite the attempts of the few free demons and their supporters to free more of them. But this was not to hold forever. One day in Q’barra, a tribe of hobgoblins managed to exploit the one weakness of Rhaashak, the guardian of Haka’torvakh, and slipped past him. Using arcane secrets gifted to them by the rakshasa, whose prison had grown weak, and by using the very life-force of their own tribe to fuel the ritual, one hobgoblin shaman managed to break the bonds holding the rakshasa there.

Fortunately for the world’s very existence, Rhaashak was immediately alerted, and resealed the breach. Unfortunately, one rakshasa slipped out; and not just any rakshasa, but one of the ancient and terrible rakshasa lords. Our heroes must contend not only with more mundane dangers, but also with the personal enmity of a freed rakshasa lord who knows that they are the only thing standing between him and the world.

It is fortunate for them that they managed to stumble on an artifact from the end of the Age of Demons, the Orb of Ashtakala’s End. Its powers are still largely a mystery, but they have learned that it can be used to return a freed rakshasa to captivity. Upon learning this, they were relieved, for such a weapon means that the rakshasa lord will not dare to approach them directly.

But they also learned that using this power will drain it, and even the Orb has limited powers. It also can use them on its own, without the commands of its bearer. Should the party attempt to brace the rakshasa lord without the Orb ready to fight him, they would be destroyed like gnats, and the world would be at the mercy of the demons once again.

In order to learn more about the Orb’s construction and its powers, they have journeyed to the far-off and largely unexplored continent of Xen’drik. Through research, the heroes learned where the Orb was crafted, and they journey to it. But the land is harsh, and their journey was not easy. In their absence, Oadin Nakas, the freed rakshasa, exerted his will on Khorvaire, aiming for nothing less than the destruction of civilization as we know it…..

Upon completing their goal upon Xen’drik, and meeting the dragon who told them more of the Orb’s beginnings, the party learned that they must destroy the Orb, to prevent it from setting off a new Age of Demons. But first they are determined to use it against Nakas, to end his threat. Unfortunately, his threat is somewhat more than they had hoped for, as he used his powers to fuel the conquest of Zilargo by Droaam, as well to remove the city of Sharn from the landscape of Breland. Breland now finds itself pressed on two fronts by monsters from Darguun and Zilargo, with Sharn destroyed, and rumors of strange happenings in the Mournland, the other nations of Khorvaire are beginning to mobilize their forces as well. Our heroes must defend the nations of Khorvaire for allies, as they build an army to drive into the heart of his power and imprison him once more.

And they must do it before the forces of darkness wipe light from the face of Eberron once more.

Evil that Returns