NPCs come in ‘squads’. Each named NPC leads a squad consisting of approximately a dozen crew members. Squads can be assigned to various tasks aboard the airship, such as weapons, engines, navigation, etc. At first, there will not be enough squads to crew every station, and the PCs will have to make choices. As they recruit additional squad leaders, they will have more squads.

Every squad has a speciality or specialties, giving them particular bonuses when they crew a specific station. For example, sending a group of medics to crew the guns will be less effective than sending a group of soldiers, and similarly, sending the soldiers to take care of the wounded won’t work out as well as sending the medics.

There can also be ‘secondary’ named NPCs, who do not lead their own squad, but can be added to an existing squad to provide them with a bonus.

Airship maps use a different scale than personal maps. In airship scale, every square is 50 feet.
Airship’s default stats:
Initiative: +0
Speed: 4
Maneuverability: Must move foward two squares for each 90 degrees the ship turns.
AC: 25
Fortitude: 25
Reflex: 20
Will: N/A
HP: 500
Cargo Capacity: 5 tons
Consumables: 6 months

If the helm is crewed, maneuverability increases by one step; the ship must travel only one square foward to turn 90 degrees.
If the engines are crewed, speed increases by 2.
If the mechanic station is crewed, the ship gains regeneration 10.
If the elemental is being bolstered, the ship’s initiative modifier increases by 5.

There are nine secondary guns on the ship; three cannons, three ‘machine guns’, and three energy blasters. In addition, there is one main gun, which can be upgraded into various different kinds of weaponry, but begins as a very large cannon. The main gun cannot be crewed by PCs; it takes at least a dozen men to handle it, thus making it a job for a squad. Each secondary gun can be manned by a single person; thus a squad can handle all of them, or some of them while the PCs get others, or merely have five of them crewed by the PCs.

It takes a standard action to strap yourself into a secondary gun. After that, you can either use the gun terrain power, or you can use one of your powers through the gun. Each gun has an effect when used to channel a power, depending on whether it was a weapon power or an implement power. In the description of a gun, you may see (Stat or Stat); this means ‘the higher of the two stats’.

Guns have a limited amount of ammunition on the decks with them. When that runs out, more must be brought up from belowdecks.

Cannon – Terrain Power
Standard action
Attack: (Str or Con) + 6 vs AC
Hit: 4d10 + (Str or Con) damage.
Weapon: If the cannon is used for a weapon power, it deals 2d10 damage per [W], and has a proficiency bonus of +4.
Implement: If the cannon is used for an implement power, it deals an additional 1d10 damage per die rolled. For example, if your implement power did 2d8 damage, it would do 2d8 + 2d10.

Machine Gun – Terrain Power
Standard action
Attack: (Int or Dex) + 6 vs AC, three attacks
Hit: 1d8 + (Int or Dex) damage.
Weapon: If the machine gun is used for a weapon power, it deals 1d8 damage per [W], and you may make the attack twice. The machine gun has a proficiency bonus of +4.
Implement: If the machine gun is used for an implement power, it deals no additional damage, but you may make the attack twice.

Energy Blaster – Terrain Power
Standard action
Attack: (Wis or Cha) + 10 vs AC
Hit: 3d10 + (Wis or Cha) mod radiant damage.
Weapon: If the energy blaster is used for a weapon power, it deals 1d10 damage per [W], and all damage dealt by the power is radiant damage. The energy blaster has a proficiency bonus of +8.
Implement: If the energy blaster is used for an implement power, it deals an extra 2 damage per die, and all the damage dealt is radiant damage in addition to its other damage types.

(DM Note: Part of the super-accuracy of the energy blaster is because no one in the party has a primary Wis or Cha. Or for that matter, a decent one. Accuracy is subject to change if party makeup changes.)

Main Gun – Squad Terrain Power
Standard action * Encounter
Special: Any PC may order the squad manning the main gun to begin charging it, taking a standard action to do so.
Effect: At the beginning of the fifth airship turn after this power is activated, it fires a blast of energy in a line in the front arc of the ship. (4 squares wide, 20 squares long.) Any creature in the blast takes 8d10 * 5 points of radiant damage. The PC who ordered the gun to fire makes the following attack against each creature in the blast.
Attack: +20 vs Fortitude
Hit: 8d10 * 5 radiant damage.
Special: On a critical hit, the target takes double the maximized damage. (800 points.)

(DM Note: Enemies can see the main gun charging and will do their best to not get caught in it.)

Stations that can be crewed by squads:
Main Gun
-Allows the main gun to fire.
Secondary Guns
-Fires the secondary guns.
Janitorial (this includes things like getting ammo for the guns as well as cleaning the duck and such)
-Replenishes ammunition stocks for the guns over time, and prevents penalties from deck clutter accruing.
Repel Boarders/Boarding Action
-Squad stands by to repel boarders and engage in personal combat, or can board enemy ships if appropriate/ordered.
Treat Wounded
-Treating the wounded reduces casualties after the battle, and gets more forces back into the fight after they are injured.
-Increases morale and provides delicious (or not so delicious, depending on the squad assigned) food for everyone to eat.
-Increases the ship’s speed.
-Increases the ship’s maneuverability.
-Increases the ship’s reliability, as well as helping to patch up combat damage.
Bolster Elemental
-Increases the ship’s reaction speed (+ init).

Squad Leaders


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