Squad Leaders

All squads have unique powers that may be passive or active. Any active power will list the action required to use the power. Any PC on the airship may expend the required action to order the squad to use their power. If the PCs have a way of communicating with them while they are off the airship, the powers may be used as well. (However, if the PCs are engaged in an ordinary dungeon-crawling adventure, these powers will probably not be very useful.)

Gran- General of Zilargo-in-Exile (Gnome)

Gran’s squad is a group of soldiers and sabateours from the Trust. They specialize in combat and tactics. They receive a +2 bonus to all attack rolls made using ship’s weaponry.
Passive: Number One: Gran’s squad may be left in overall command of the airship if the PCs are busy.

Cyali – House Lyrandar Pilot (Half-Elf)

Cyali’s squad is a group of airship pilots from House Lyrandar. They specialize in getting the most out of their ship. If they are manning the engines, the ship receives an additional +1 bonus to speed. If they are manning the helm, the ship receives a +1 bonus to all defenses.
Active: Mark of Storm: Standard action. Once per day, Cyali’s squad may use the power of their dragonmarks to alter the weather by one step (whether better or worse.)

Alril – Zilargo Skirmishers (Gnome)

Alril’s squad is a group of light gnomish skirmishers equipped with field medics. They specialize in doing whatever needs to be done to get to the wounded and get out.
If they are treating the wounded, all squads gain resist 10 all damage.
Passive: Gnomish Medicine: Alril’s squad spend their free time making potions of healing, restocking the stores in the airship over time.

Sonn – Cannith Mastermakers (Human)

Sonn’s squad is a group of artificers and wizards from House Cannith. They specialize in the crafting and maintenance of magical items.

If they are manning the engines, the ship receives an additional +1 bonus to speed. If they are bolstering the elemental, the ship receives an additional +2 bonus to initiative.
Passive: Mark of Making: Sonn (and his artificers) can literally transmute gold into residuum, which they can then use to create magical items. When transmuting gold into residuum, 10% of the gold is lost. However, they are mastercrafters, and can make magical items with less residuum than would normally be required. The net effect of this is that you can effectively buy magical items from them for 5% above the list price. If you can provide your own residuum, they can craft items with 5% less residuum than would normally be required. Sonn and his artificers can craft items up to 10th level.

Narl – Trust Saboteurs (Gnome)

Narl’s squad is a group of saboteurs from the Trust of Zilargo. They specialize in dirty tricks that wreck the day of any opponents. If they are manning the guns, any enemy hit by a gun receives a -2 penalty to hit until the start of the airship’s next turn.

Active – Dirt in Your Eye – No action. Trigger: The airship rolls initiative. Once per day, Narl’s squad may launch a blast of detritus from a cannon at a targeted enemy. That enemy receives a -10 penalty to their initiative roll.

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Squad Leaders

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