Upgrading the airship is based on construction points. The total number of construction points in the ship dictate the amount each new construction point costs.

At the beginning, the airship has 10 construction points available for use. Each new construction point costs 500 gp (and, of course, requires the use of appropriate facilities to modify the ship, appropriate facilities depending on what the modification is). The following table shows the progression of construction points, in cost per point.

11-20: 500 gp
21-30: 750 gp
31-40: 1, 000 gp
41-50: 1, 500 gp
51-60: 2, 000 gp
61-70: 2, 500 gp
71-80: 5, 000 gp
81-90: 7, 500 gp
91-100: 10, 000 gp

101-110: 15, 000 gp
111-120: 25, 000 gp
121-130: 50, 000 gp
131-140: 75, 000 gp
141-150: 100, 000 gp

Thus, the total cost to go from 10 to 100 would be 307, 500 gp (equivalent to about a 22nd level magic item). Going from 100 to 150 would cost another 2, 625, 000; equivalent to a 29th level magic item.

Things you can do with construction points:
The cost listed is the cost for the first upgrade of that kind. For each additional time you purchase the upgrade, you must pay the cost again.

For example, say you have already bought +10 HP and want to buy another 10 HP. You paid 1 construction point for the first 10 hp. For the second 10 HP, you had bought it once previously, and pay an extra construction point, so 2 construction points for the second 10 HP (a total of 3 for +20 HP). To get another 10 HP (30 total), you would pay 3 more construction points, for a total of 6 spent to get +30 HP.

Increase HP: +10 HP. Cost: 1
Increase cargo capacity: +5 tons of cargo. Cost: 1
Increase stores (upgrade consumables): +1 month of consumables. Cost: 1
Increase speed (upgrade engines): +1 speed. Cost: 5
Increase maneuverability (upgrade helm): Maneuverability increases by one step (2 squares travel to 1 square, 1 square/90 to 1 square/180). One time only. Cost: 10
Upgrade Weapons: Accuracy. +1 to hit with all ship weapons. Cost: 4
Upgrade Weapons: Damage. +1 to damage with all ship weapons. Cost: 2
Upgrade Elemental Binding: +1 to initiative. Cost: 2

In addition, other unique things (like new weapons) may be able to be installed on the ship at the cost of construction points, and other one-time upgrades (like the maneuvering upgrade) may be researched or discovered.

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